Posted by on Nov 26, 2012

This landmark project has been an icon in resort development, and several have tried to imitate the neighborhood Crystal Mountain created at Water’s Edge. Tucked into nature Crystal Mountain created 20 cottages. These cottages have three styles and plans, but the exteriors are all uniquely painted, giving the Cottages at Waters Edge an authentic look.

Although r.o.i. Design and AAI were thrilled to be involved with the cottages, the landscaping and site planning were the stars of this project. Land planners The Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio, and landscape designer Sandra Clinton have created a memorable spot. The Cottages are clustered around an outdoor pool and recreation area making the Cottages a prime summer rental.

r.o.i. Design developed the stories of the three cottage styles, researching the historic cottages of Northern Michigan and reporting that there were three strong cultural influences that built cottages in the 1920’s and 30’s.

The Vacation Bungalow, the Family Cabin and the Garden Cottage each had their unique scheme of finishes and furnishings. Architectural details respected each scheme’s style.

While the project delivers charm, they also offer efficiency. A popular featured detail are the built-in bunk beds, which have been repeated on other projects on the property.