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r.o.i. Design Supports Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary

r.o.i. Design Supports Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary

There are so many causes and needs in our community. This year, our hearts went to pets and sheltered animals. Several of our team members lost pets this year, or face losing them, or are searching for that new pet. It is a daily topic of discussion in our office. We realize how much pets mean to us, and how they are such healers. So, during this holiday season, we decided to campaign to raise funds for one of our favorite animal causes, Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary.

We met Mackenzie’s through our clients Sue and Hank Gignac. Sue has been an avid volunteer for years, and Sue and Hank have rescued many of their animals. Sue’s love for the people and animals of Mackenzie’s put us on a path to set up a fundraiser and to volunteer as a company to support their work.

Our holiday card sentiment sums it up pretty well:

“A pet to cuddle and love brings great joy. We wish you all the love and joy this season can bring.”

You can DONATE to our campaign raising funds for them HERE.

You can learn more about Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary HERE.

Midtown CityZen Mixed-Use Development

Midtown CityZen Mixed-Use Development


Stacey Udell (L) & Ronda Geyer (R)

This month we finished the installation of more than 100 window shades for Wolverine Buildings Group’s building at Midtown CityZen. This is a multi-use development by Third Coast Development in downtown Grand Rapids. It’s worth mentioning that on this installation, there was no working elevator. Our team got their exercise walking the shades up and down four floors. The product looks great, and we’re a little more fit!

We want to thank Wolverine Building Group’s project manager, Landon Jones for the opportunity to work on this project.

The main focus at r.o.i. Design is interior design, but over the years we have added other related services. We became a distributor of commercial window coverings in 2016 and have seen this solution become more and more important to our customers. We focus on solar shades, a simple solution to cut glare and heat without adding a bulky window treatment.

A January 2018 article by MLive describes the project in more detail.