Our services can be described as four unique products, which are:

  • Speed Bump Detector™
  • Basic Training
  • Program for Transformative Change and Increased Trust
  • Customer Experience Management

Speed Bump Detector™

We Identify the items that are slowing down productivity and sales growth in less than a day.

This diagnostic consultation quickly identifies existing and potential barriers to building a strong corporate culture.

The Speed Bump Detector™ includes:

      • 1/2 Day Diagnostic Consultation
      • 2 hour observations
      • 1 hour manager interview
      • 1.5 hour group event
      • 1/2 hour meeting with senior management
      • Written report to follow within 48 hours

Basic Training

Basic Training provides insights into how individual prefer to work in groups.  This is a great exercise for teams that are stalled or starting new projects and agendas.

This training provides:

      • Soft skills improvements in individuals
      • Improved recognition of helpful and non-helpful habits
      • A system for group work with less conflict and more transparency

Basic Training includes:

      • Six (6) one hour trainings on site
      • Up to 25 participants

Program for Transformative Change and Increased Trust

This program pulls together a SWAT team to identify their customer and the company platform before launching a viral campaign to positively impact all areas of the company.

This intensive program provides the baseline for an on-going program that promotes:

      • Productivity through trust
      • A renewed commitment to customer experience management
      • An appreciation for HR Brand Training
      • A increased culture of continuous improvement

Customer Experience Management

This is a program to help management and/or owners create permanent change in their companies to improve customer experience, strengthen team performance and increase sales.

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