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the place where planning, interior design, graphic design and product fulfillment converge to offer you and your customers the best possible experience in your space.


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NeoCon 2014: What We Saw

Posted on Jul 30 by

r.o.i. Design took our annual trip to Chicago recently to attend NeoCon, North America’s largest design exposition and conference for commercial interiors. Since we usually...


r.o.i. Design and “Our” Architects

Posted on Jul 29 by

r.o.i. Design has a very friendly relationship with and sincere respect for architectural design, although we are not architects. Some of us have had training in interior...


Happy Workplace=Productive Team

Posted on Jul 29 by

There are trends in everything, and employees are looking for a broader variety of options of work spaces to pick from based on the work they are doing and their experience...